V Technical Textiles is the exclusive Distributer for Statex Products in the Americas and Asia. Some of the Brands are Shieldex®, and Silverell®

A Womans Owned Small Business


You are visiting the website of Shieldex-U.S., the marketing and sales arm of Statex Produktions + Vertriebs GmbH in Bremen, Germany. Sheldex-U.S. is a womans owned USA manufacturing company, located in the state of New York and the historic town of Palmyra.

Shieldex specializes in the metalizing of yarn and fabrics. The diversity of our products include 99% pure silver, silver /copper, silver/copper/nickel and silver/copper/tin.





Plated conductive textiles and yarn open unlimited opportunities for product development and Shieldex-U.S., with fifteen years of experience, can help with a multitude of conductive plated textile materials and processes. Electroless, galvanic or combination processing with variable layer thickness can be tailor-made to customer needs. Our process produces superior flexibility and adhesion. This enables SHIELDEX® metalized fabrics, yarns and fillers to withstand all textile treatments including spinning, weaving, needlefelting and sewing. Silver has inherent qualities that make it the idea element to use in applications as varied as medical wound dressings, scentfree textiles, thermal management, conductive tapes, architectural shielding, EMI shielding gaskets, shielded tents, resistance heating, antimicrobial fabric wipes and bed linens. Shieldex-U.S. silver-plated fabric, tape, fillers and yarns all can be used in these applications and are currently available in many marketable products.

Nickel and tin over copper/silver plated fabrics offer outstanding EMI shielding characteristics and environmental stability. Aluminum foil laminates provide answers to thermal management concerns and can solve cost sensitive EMI shielding problems such as EMI gaskets, RF shielded tents and pouches, as well as; infrared signature reduction. Shieldex-U.S. provides metalized materials to meet the requirements of all these varied applications. While at the same time retaining all the normal benefits of a textile product


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Please visit our application pages to get some ideas of the product applications now in use by our customers.

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